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Groups Overview Page

General Group Types

There are several general group types that operate in the same manner. They are given different group type names to assist in locating the entries in the list and for the purpose of validating students when they are leaving the school. These group types are:

  • Club
    • Used for groups such as the Jump Rope Club, Robotics Club, Chess Club, etc.
  • Tutoring
    • Used for after school tutoring groups
      • It is possible to use Silent Dismissal to dismiss students from their regular classroom to the tutoring location and to later dismiss the students from the tutoring area. tutoring dismissal
  • Walk or Bike Home
    • Used for students who are released from the school without additional supervision
  • Athletics
    • Any athletic team such as soccer, cheerleading, etc.
  • Other
    • Remaining type used for any other aggregation of students that does not neatly fit into one of the previous group types. Often used for Extended Care in those schools that do not explicitly use the Silent Dismissal Extended Care Tracking system.
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