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Group Dismissal

All students assigned to a group are dismissed at one time when the group is called.

Call Group for Dismissal

Only dismissal staff may call a group for dismissal. A group may be dismissed from either the Desktop or Group Dismissal view.

From either of these views, click on the group name to call the group for dismissal. Unless the group is of type Immediate then the display of student names will not occur until the time for displaying student names has passed.

Group Dismissal from the Staff Connect mobile app

At this time the staff connect mobile app is designed for scanning QR codes from parent placards or student QR codes for student leaving the school; it does not support the ability to call a group for dismissal. This operation must be performed by a staff member using the web interface only.

Dismissal Group Location

By default a group is dismissed to the default location assigned to the group. For many groups this field will be blank as the location for group pick up rarely changes, e.g., daycare vans always pick up in the same location so no location is configured.

It is also possible to override the group location on any given day by selecting the location name from the drop down list prior to calling the group for dismissal.

For example, if daycare vans are customarily loaded in the back of the school near the buses and cars are loaded on the side of the school but today a single van will be loaded in front of the school, then provided a location titled Front exists, then that location may be selected prior to calling for the van. When the van is called the message in the classroom will now read Van Name to Front where Front is the location selected for the current day.

Staggering Student Release

To better control student flow it may be desired to call students for a group is partial segments such as kindergarten through second followed by third through fifth. At present the only way to perform this operation is to separate the students into two separate groups with similar group names such as Van Name (first load) and Van Name (second load).

For buses this may also necessitate the creation of duplicate bus stop name for each group and manual assignment of the students to the bus stop. Designs are currently underway to allow for groups to be called in stages but this does not currently exist.

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