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Step by Step Set Up Checklist

Checklist Overview

  1. Sign In
  2. Print and Distribute Car Tags
  3. Inform Classroom and Dismissal Staff of Sign In Method
  4. Listen to the Silence

Detailed Checklist



It is necessary to collect data to load into Silent Dismissal once your site becomes available. In general terms the information is as described below. In order to load it into Silent Dismissal, the information must be in a spreadsheet so that it can be copy and pasted into forms on the site.

  1. List of Staff details
    1. Name
    2. Desired format of user IDs, e.g., or flast
    3. Role: Administrator, Dismissal staff, Classroom staff
  2. List of Groups, Locations, Messages details
    1. List of school buses
    2. List of daycare vans
    3. List of after school clubs
    4. Dismissal Locations
    5. Preset Messages
  3. Student roster for each of above listed groups
  4. Students details
    1. Name
    2. Carpool Number :
    3. Classroom at end of day

Site Configuration

  1. Receive URL and credentials from Silent Dismissal
  2. Verify access to site
  3. Create Staff Accounts
  4. Load student records with carpool numbers directly assigned to classroom
  5. Create buses, daycare vans, locations, messages
  6. Assign Students to Groups details
  7. Inform parents and distribute car tags
  8. Inform staff - classroom and dismissal - of URL, User ID, and Passwords

Classroom Staff

  1. Ensure classroom staff can sign in
    1. As administrator, go to Accounts / List then click on the column header for Last Access to sort accounts by most recent sign in date to ensure all staff have signed in
  2. Instruct classroom staff to verify their student rosters
    1. Classroom staff go to Students / Roster to confirm assigned students

Dismissal Staff

  1. Instruct dismissal staff as to the appropriate view to use for his or her job function and device type
    1. Example: Number entry staff with a phone use Keypad; bus and van entry staff use Group Dismissal and Group Load; staff monitoring students leaving the school use Location Load
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